Our Story

Hunt to Harvest was birthed out of our desire to protect the hunt. A few years back I took my nine-year old son hunting for the first time. We were in search of some quality father and son bonding time, and to me there was no better place to do so than the good outdoors. After patiently waiting, a doe walked across the field and I saw my son’s eyes light up with excitement. I gave him the go ahead to harvest the doe, but instead he hesitated. “Daddy I don’t want to shoot it, I want to wait on a ten point buck”, he said. Knowing his age, I tried to understand his desire for a trophy buck but I could not help but be disappointed that we missed the opportunity to harvest a doe together. Years later, a few hunting buddies and I were talking and I brought up this story. We all agreed that we should get back to the basics of hunting and that the real reason to hunt had been lost. We decided to create a brand that would support the harvesting of the animal instead of just the trophy. Don’t get me wrong, we all get excited about harvesting a mature buck, we just want to promote hunting for a cause again. To us at HtH, hunting is about spending time with loved ones, providing for your family through the harvest, and giving thanks to the One who created all things big and small. 

Adam Traylor, Founder